Welcome to the world of Voxberg, where passion for sport and innovation are at the heart of everything. We were born out of a desire to push the boundaries in sports nutrition, driven by the conviction that this segment has not yet revealed all its secrets. We are dedicated to the research, development and production of world-class nutritional supplements, designed to meet the needs of athletes who are constantly pushing themselves beyond their limits.

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Our Mission

We want to empower athletes of every level to reach their peak performance through premium nutrition that is the foundation for pushing beyond previous limits. We believe that science and innovation are the keys to getting the most out of your training, without having to sacrifice your health due to a lack of quality nutritional supplements. At Voxberg, we are committed to ensuring that every minute invested in your health and fitness is maximized.

Everything under one roof

From the first idea to the closing of the finished package, we have full control over what our products contain and are therefore 100% responsible for their quality. This integrated approach ensures that every product is the result of thorough research, innovation and knowledge of current trends and scientific discoveries. We test every product idea we have in the development process several times with real users to make sure that every aspect meets the highest expectations not only in the domestic market, but also internationally. We believe that we can produce world-class products here in Slovakia as well.



In our research, we place great emphasis on making every product meaningful. We analyze our capabilities and focus on capturing the latest trends to create a product that is not only unique, but also beneficial and innovative.


Our partnership with Reschers® Food Innovations is key to translating years of experience and scientific knowledge into our products. Our development process is dynamic and interactive, involving constant testing and soliciting feedback from our customers. We verify that products meet all criteria - from taste to solubility to added value. This ensures that every Voxberg product is created with customer needs in mind.


Our production is IFS certified and managed to strict standards, ensuring consistent quality in every production batch. In addition to our own raw materials, which we produce to the highest possible quality, we only use products that we have the utmost confidence in to match our own. Where possible, we source our raw materials from the European Union.

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In our articles we cover science, diet, gaming advice and sports lifestyle. In the blog you will find training tips from our own Jojo Porubsky, secrets of our products from their main scientist, training plans, explanations of exercises and much more.


Looking for some music for the gym? Wondering what our ambassadors are listening to at practice? Or just looking for a good selection of music? Our playlists are the right choice for you. Our ambassadors, our staff, and Voxberg buddies all have a hand in selecting the songs.

You're asking us

In this section you will find answers to the questions you ask us most often. If you do not find the answer you are looking for here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequently asked Questions

Research, development and production of Voxberg products are carried out in Nitra, Slovakia, where we have our own production plant.

If we state that a product is lactose-free, it is indeed lactose-free. However, for legislative reasons, we have to state on the packaging that the product may also contain traces of gluten and lactose, because products containing these substances are also produced in the same production hall.

We use raw materials for the production of our products primarily from the European Union. If we choose a different origin of raw material, it is only because it cannot be procured in the EU (e.g. plant extracts from exotic plants).

The final price of the products is influenced by several factors. The first and most important reason is that at Voxberg we care about the quality of the raw materials we use. By having both in-house product development and production, we can be responsible for the quality of every single product that comes off our production line. Covering the entire production process from the idea, through development and production, to packaging and shipping of products is much more costly than having someone "make a product under our brand".